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chaOs & Orde



the moment when the world continuous shows dividend perspectives,

like a dance.

the moment where the world around you depicts permanently changing perspectives, dancing and playing conjures up surprising shapes and new worlds that were once invisible catch your eyes and leave a magical feeling.

How our world consists of so much chaos and with a different view or perspective conjures up order again. Something that can be found in countless ways in our lives, the life that is out of sight and about feeling, but also within our visual created world.

From chaos to order and from order to chaos, as a basis of positive and negative, a magical surprise each time imagining new patterns and order, two against poles that are so close to each other.

Play with your perspective to regain order, sometimes you need a push in the right direction to be able to see the correct perspective and order again!

Play, imagine and be the explorer you want to be! :)

The pattern that cha-orde creates in the visual world is seen in many different things. 

In all it is made by humans. I believe because humans are always looking for order in the chaos.

A part of the human nature of creating.


With the hunt for the different species of chaorde I made a lot of videos to capture and research them. An inspiration of how I can show the world the magic of chaorde.

The most interesting of this pattern to me is that it is an universal one that can be felt within the unseen world and lays in the visual world around us..


One that you can find everywhere around you ones you see. :)



The magical moment when moving around a electricity pylon when the lines interact with each other. From chaotic lines to the moment that they work together and come together as an perfect pattern that the order reveals. :)



of changing perspectives :)

Within the bigger part of chaos little peeks of order comes alive, how lots of chaos where we are coming from is a little part order but the bigger forgotten part the chaos. 

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