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Looking at the world while moving around, I'm always focussed on little wonders of deformations. 

Reflections on buildings, water, cars and many other places. 

They play around with the shapes around them, it almost feels like a dance. 

Shapes are starting to walk, buildings making some boogie dances and bubbling trees. 

Hope you will enjoy the show of the reflections as much as I do :) 

And will enjoy there show while you travel around in the world. And maybe discover more worlds within the reflections :)






How the reflection on double glass form an aura around the original shape. With waves and deformations making a dance that shows when you travel around ;)

I always look at them while traveling with the music flowing trough my headphone en my eyes capture the dance that the aura world creates, that fits the flow of the music. 

I wanted to make a reflection world where the buildings where boogieing and flowing above and beyond there one fiscal shape. While you pass by they come alive. Whiteout your and your body moving they are stuck you need to play and experience :)

Within the world of reflection I also found that the diverent pieces of glass in windows made the reflection move, I thought that it was because of the reshapments of the glass, so I created a little look true the glass that created the same effect. 

Making the buildings around you come alive.


Boogieing bouncing and walking buildings. 


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