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While researching fractals with making an collection of fractals i saw around me, i found the stack fractal.

A fractal that repeats itself with a smaller one on top of it, the inspiration was an pine cone 

and found that this one was repeated with the golden ratious.


I wanted to make it real and made the fractal tower.

A building game where the user can play with the possibilities that the fractal gives you.  so you can find in an natural way the next part and experience and build with fractals.

As antropie the tower falls apart sometimes, with the infinite ways of stacking,

you can explore its possibilities :)


Stacking Them till infinity. 

There are many ways to stack them, what is yours? :)

IMG_8134 (1).jpeg


While playing around with the model and fractaling the tower in ratio and size this fractals creature has been born. 

Zoom stars came alive and capt playing with the possible shapes :)

The possibilities are endless, just like

the fractal itself 

IMG_8135 kopie 2.jpg
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